DUTCH ACADEMY FOOTBALL COACHING U10-11 – Technical and Positional practices from Top Dutch Coaches


Prețurile cărților Soccer Tutor sunt aproape aceleași la care pot fi achiziționate direct din Anglia. Avantajul dumneavoastră se regăsește în prețul transportului extern (între 20-50% din suma pe care ați fi plătit-o dacă le-ați fi primit din Anglia)!


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This book contains 66 practices as used in top academies in the Netherlands. There are technical and tactical practices for a wide range of topics ideal for coaches at youth level wanting to develop their team to world leading, Dutch academy standards.
It contains a detailed outline of:
The Dutch training methodology for this age group
The basic principles of Dutch Academy coaching
The age-specific characteristics
Training / coaching methods
Match days
Training Sessions
Technical practices (moves and turns)
Positional games
Formation specific small sided games

Practice Topic Samples:

Passing and Receiving in a 4 v 4 Small Sided Game with End Zones
The Scissor (and Moves to Beat) in a 4 v 4 Small Sided Game
The Elastic Drag Move in a Continuous Dribbling Circuit
The Train Move, Crossing and Finishing in a 7 v 7 Small Sided Game with Side Zones
Positional 5 v 3 Possession Game
Building Up Play from the Goalkeeper in a Dynamic Practice
Formation Specific 5 v 4 Small Sided Game (1-2-1 vs 2-1)
Formation Specific 6 v 6 Small Sided Game (4-1 vs 2-3)

Practices: 66

Age: Under10-11

Pages: 120