Italian suggestions (2)

Italian suggestions (2)

I was writing in the first issue of “Italian suggestions” that they leave nothing at random when it comes to football. Starting with their boots, their kits, what they eat and what they drink and ending with technical and tactical as well as the athletic preparations, everything is scientifically based.

There is no training session without a specific purpose, no matter if the players are 6 or 36, amateurs or professionals.

You have already been acquainted to the reasons why Italian specialists believe that football is suitable for their children. Let’s have a look at their pieces of advice concerning the nutrition of young footballers.

Advice concerning nutrition

  • Weight control:

Excessive weight leads to the growth of chances to develop cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes or high blood pressure.

  • More cereals, more vegetables, green goods and fruit

These contain carbs, vitamins, mineral salts, and, as is the case for many vegetables, proteins.

  •  Avoiding exaggerated salt consumption

An exaggerated salt consumption, more than 6 g/ day, may generate cardio-vascular risks.

  • A varied menu

For an ideal nutrition, a varied menu is recommended, by combining different types of food, eliminating thus the need to use supplements.

It is recommended that the daily menu should comprise at least one of the following nutrition groups:

  • Cereals and tubers
  • Fruit, vegetables and fresh potherbs
  • Milk and dairies
  • Meet, fish, eggs and vegetables
  • Vegetable fats


  • What kind of and how many fats?

As far as the quantity is concerned, one must take into account invisible fats that food contains; as for the quality – the vegetable ones are recommended.

  • How much sugar and how many sweets?

The quantity of sweets and the frequency of their consumption, whether solid or liquid, must be followed. They recommend sweets with low fats and carbs (i.e. pastry).

Spreadable sweets have to be checked as well.

  • Alcohol

Not at all or with moderation, according to age!

Translated by Cristian Sandor