Italian suggestions (4)

Italian suggestions (4)

General recommendation regarding juvenile activity

  1. Every training session must start after an adequate warm-up and must end with breathing and relaxation exercises
  2. In case the children are very tired, it is a good thing to stop the session, for tiredness may cause muscle tear and contractions. pulls, articulation trauma, circulation problems, gastro-intestinal disorders
  3. Should any short of disturbance be noticed, the session must be stopped
  4. In case the child feels suddenly weak and loses balance, this may be the sign of an imminent fainting
  5. Even when the child is able to perform a movement, this should not be done at maximum intensity from the first attempt
  6. Any activity must be performed in a fully-controlled environment and with clearly-set objectives
  7. Advise the children from football schools to sleep at least 8-9 hours. If they sleep less, they shall be tired all day

Hygiene rules to be respected

  1. Nails must be of adequate size (cut and filed). If toe nails nooks are too deeply cut, nails may be incarnated, if hand nails are too long, they may hurt the opponent, in case of contact
  2. Nails must be cleaned to avoid the accumulation of dirt and the formation of infection
  3. In case the underwear (socks, pants, undershirts) come into contact with benches or locker floor or any other clothing or footwear items, wearing them may cause cutaneous infections
  4.  Bath gowns and towels must not be left on the floor and cannot come into contact with dirty items. It is recommended that towels should have an individual use
  5. Children must feel well and in-shape to be ready for training sessions, both physically and psychically
  6. Both during and after sessions, diseases, fever and ailments must not appear
  7. Bladder and intestines must be empty before training, the child thus feeling free and movement prone, which will improve his performance
  8. During training, if cold, the child must be accordingly dressed, but not excessively to avoid sweating, or when hot, in such a way so that he does not get a cold
  9. At the end of the session, the child must shower then change his clothes
  10. Training clothes must be made of fabric that allows sweating, but no belts or laces that may impede blood circulation
  11. Beware of exposure to sun, for it can cause burns or rashes

Translated by Cristian Sandor