Italian suggestions

Italian suggestions

One of the most important schools of football, needless to say, is the one wherefrom Baggio, Maldini, Del Piero or Pirlo come from.

If, for instance, Brazil permanently delivers talents to world football, this is due to the specific national native talents players are born with, the Copacabana beach and poor life standards, where becoming a professional footballer is one of the few opportunities to earn a decent living.

In Italy, football is a religion. Here footballers are not born with talent only. They are accompanied up to the peak by a great amount of training, based on scientific, reason and innovation.

Football schools for children are real laboratories in the Peninsula. Nothing is left at random, no matter if it is about selection, methodology, scheduling activities, kits or nutrition.

When they lost the world supremacy, the Italians shamelessly attended skills upgrading courses in Spain, the reigning queen of universal football.

This is what being a professional means!

It is known that the best teachers and methodologists in the world of football are the Italians. Thus, the actual game is analyzed in thousands of courses, treaties, books, colloquia, seminars, special sites.

In the third edition of the Football Coach Guide for children and juniors, conceived and issued by the FIGC, I have come across some interesting suggestions which might help in your activity.

Don’t forget that little details deliver great results!

10 reasons for children to play football:

  1. Helps preventing bone and muscular system problems
  2. Eliminates the uneven rapport between height and weight
  3. Increases and improves breathing capacity
  4. Improves the functioning of the cardio-vascular apparatus
  5. Influences the psychic positively
  6. Improves the ability to coordinate movement
  7. Improves strength and endurance
  8. Regularizes the functions of the body (sleep, appetite, intestinal functions)
  9. Increases and improves breathing
  10. Improves joint health

Translated by Cristian Sandor