FOOTBALL CONDITIONING – A modern scientific approach (vol.1 + 2)


The primary aim of this book is to help you make use of the modern coaching methods and football science principles and educate coaches working with players of all ages and levels.
This book will help you increase the efficiency of all your training sessions and ensure that key components of the game (technical, tactical, physical and physiological) are being developed in conjunction with each other, rather than in isolation, which is fundamental to the development of football players.

This volume is written by Adam Owen Ph.D (UEFA Professional Coaching Licence and Ph.D in Sport and Exercise Science) who is the Sport Science & Fitness Coach for the Wales National Team and a Research Science Consultant at SL Benfica. Assistant author Alexandre Dellal Ph.D is the Head of Physical Preparation at OGC Nice and a leading researcher in the world of football science.

This volume focuses on:

The Distance and Intensity of Running
Physiological Demands of Football
Injuries and Prevention Techniques
Speed & Agility Training Drills
Warm Up Drills and Injury Prevention
Strength and Conditioning Exercises
Training Load Management: Reducing the Risk of Injury

Topics: 51

Age: Under 15-Pro

Practices: 24

Pages: 195

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