PERIODIZATION FITNESS TRAINING – A Revolutionary Football Conditioning Program


This Volume in FULL COLOUR contains a complete conditioning program based on Periodization Fitness Training.
Periodization is the systematic planning of fitness training. This book helps you solve the problem of organizing the training loads in order to achieve the highest team performance possible at the different stages of a season.

This book includes practices that develop all the attributes needed for an individual and a team, such as

Warm ups with and without the ball
Football specific conditioning with the ball
Technical and Tactical practices
Competitive small sided games
Attacking and defending
The transition from defence to attack and attack to defence.

The fitness practices in this book are very creative and aim to replicate competitive matches, so the players get used to making quick decisions and solving problems that arise during competition

Javier Mallo is currently a fitness coach at Real Madrid. He has previously been a fitness coach at Manchester City (2 years) and Atletico de Madrid (4 years). In this book, he explains how to create, organise and structure your football specific fitness training sessions.

Fitness coaches need to have a profound knowledge of the game, as all the practices in a session have to come together in a common way of thinking related to the tactical organisation of the team. It may be possible that in the following years the term fitness coach will lose all its value and will simply be replaced by coach or assistant coach.

Practice Topic Samples:

WARMING UP: Technical: Passing Combinations in Groups of 3
CONDITIONING: Coordination & Agility Training in a Conditioning Circuit
TECHNICAL: Passing Combination Play with Crossing & Finishing
TACTICAL: Position Specific 8 (+2) v 3 Zonal Possession Game
COMPETITIVE SMALL SIDED GAMES: Maximum Intensity SSG with Outside Support Players

Topics: 79

Age: Under 14-Pro




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