Characteristic of preparation that result from the specificity of age (2)

Characteristic of preparation that result from the specificity of age (2)

At 13-14, the frequency of gestures and the reaction speed reach high peaks. The running speed depends on the degree of muscular force development and anaerobic capacity.

As means of training, all types of running will be used. Speed and skill-coordination indexes cease to grow around the age of 14.

For the full use of one’s genetic potential it is necessary to work continuously on speed, according to the principle of simultaneous tackling of training factors, throughout the whole year.

Attention will be given to educating reaction and rhythm, as well as to the indirect, positive transfer of technical – tactical repetitions the work on one’s spring towards speed.

The duty of this period as far as the education of strength is concerned is strengthening the muscles, the ligaments and the joints. For children aged 13-14, force preparation must start with the harmonious development of muscularity.

What is desired is a robust, figured muscularity, that should help the spine and the genetic system in general. Between the ages 13 and 14, strength develops rapidly. The priority order is the following:

  • The analytical development of big muscle groups, in a neuro – muscular regime
  • The development of the dynamic force, by a multilateral tackling

Given that the factors on which it depends are provided, strength is a relatively perfectible quality. The minimal necessary stimulation that causes hypertrophy is of 20 – 30% of the maximum capacities.

Strength training will be made dynamically. According to one’s build, bell training can begin.

The development of strength is an ongoing process, but it requests a longer time; thus, at this stage, continuity and progression are the key factors.

An important role belongs to skill training, stress being laid on the manipulator component, without which the technical ability cannot be consolidated at a superior level.

At this age, accelerated growth of build and weight are recorded, as well as hormonal alterations, a deterioration of mobility and of stretching of muscles and ligaments being noticed. Therefore, a mobility training must be performed, especially for the spine and the femoral acetabular articulation.

Translated by Cristian Sandor