Tehnique, habits & abilities (2)

Tehnique, habits & abilities (2)

One’s technical ability can be expressed within the game in three directions:

  • Technical selectivity
  • Putting technical abilities into tactics
  • Technical expression while dueling with the opponent

Technical selectivity means the ability to:

  • Choose the technical solution required by the logic of the game
  • Measure strength and speed of the execution in order to surpass the opponent and activate team-mates
  • Direct the technical actions towards accomplishing their own game tactics
  • Discover technical solutions based on the specific characteristics of the opponent, timing, score, etc.

The selectivity the player is able to express makes him act clearly, precisely, inspiringly, with efficacy within the game. Such a gifted player has no “extra-timing” in his executions. He discovers, decides and delivers the solution and the technical action at once.

This selectivity is due to the ability of the player to discern from among the large amount of technical solutions given, the one with the greatest efficiency, that he executes precisely and inspiringly.

Tactical technique means using technical abilities in such a way that any technical action of the player should result in a tactical advantage, i.e. surpassing the opponent through passes or dribbling, thus gaining space and time priority.

The ability to deliver tactical advantage is materialized through:

  • The ability of the player to correlate with his team-mates
  • The adversity abilities if the player, expressed by surpassing or dispossessing abilities
  • The ability to continue an action promptly and logically

We consider the technical expression while dueling with the opponent as being the main characteristic of one’s technical ability. This means:

  • Obtaining “extra-timing” in comparison to the opponent
  • Discovering the solutions for puzzling or thwarting the opponent
  • Having the courage of engaging psychically and physically against the opponent
  • Displaying creativity in choosing dueling strategy
  • Displaying calm against the opponent
  • Using fair means throughout the duels

The technical ability revealed only in the process of the game and especially in the official ones with high stake, represent the ability of the player that confirms the path towards high performance.

Early limitation of so many players has as a cause a low level of technical abilities, despite many of them mastering these abilities, sometimes in training or friendlies, at an artistic level!

Translated by Cristian Sandor