Italian suggestions (5)

Italian suggestions (5)

Today, we end the Italian football school children-dedicated series. Of course, given the climate our youth coaches work in (lack of training grounds, of balls, of changing rooms or of auxiliary materials), some suggestions may appear to be copied from a SF series.

What stays important, however, is that we, the coaches, do everything to limit the damages caused by these shortages.

And the first step is to permanently improve, update our knowledge and modernize our methods.


Safety measures for avoiding muscular and skeletal system lesions.

  1. Avoid asking children to perform sudden and violent movements, in which the direction, amplitude, speed and intensity are not well controlled.
  2. Avoid overstressing of articulations. The body weight itself, if maintained still for a longer time, can be harmful.
  3. Avoid allowing children to carry heavy weights on rigid articulations, for example, in the case of jumps with rigid inferior limbs, falls, etc
  4. Don’t let children force articulations beyond normal limit, for it causes pain
  5. Avoid exercising without proper warm-up
  6. Avoid applying violent vibration stress, they are extremely harmful for the articulations, for these bear them directly
  7.  Avoid exercising in case of articulation pains
  8. Avoid movements when the child is tired, for articulation trauma are frequent in such cases
  9. Avoid exercising intensely after a long period of immobility, for instance when a limb was in plaster
  10. Avoid incorrect running (touching the ground with the heels) on hard surfaces or with inadequate shoes (rigid sole, impracticable spots), because this may cause inflammations of the Achilles tendon and of the entire heel area.

Translated by Cristian Sandor