Primary technique

Primary technique

This primary technique is the stable basis of technique, being rendered through all technical skills that make up the game.

The primary technique comprises technical elements, which, in their turn, are concretely expressed through technical procedures. For example, ball kicking is a technical element, having as technical procedures: push kick, full instep kick, inside and outside kick, back heel kick, toe kick and knee kick.

In their turn, technical procedures diversify and, according to concrete conditions of execution, develop derived technical procedures. The push kick is a technical procedure – from which the following derive: forward and upward push kick of the coming low ball, or a lofted lateral pass.

We shall further present the content of primary technique, rendered through technical elements, technical procedures and derived technical procedures:

Technical element 1:


Basic technical procedures:

–        Inside kick

–        Inner laces kick

–        Full laces kick

–        Outer laces kick

–        Outside kick

–        Heel kick

–        Chip shot

–        Knee kick

Derived technical procedures:

–        According to dynamic, the player can be: still, running, jumping

–        According to the position of the ball received: jumping, half breadth, still

–        According to the delivery trajectory: jumping, half breadth, still

–        According to the direction of the kicks: forward, oblique, lateral, backward

Technical element 2

Basic technical procedures:

–        Still head kick

–        Jumping head kick

–        Diving head kick

Derived technical procedures:

According to the dynamic of the player:

–        Still head kick

–        Running head kick

According to the direction of the kick:

–        Forward kick

–        Oblique kick

–        Lateral kick

–        Backward kick

According to bal trajectory:

–        Upward kick

–        Downward kick

According to contact surface:

–        Forehead kick

–        Lateral side kick

–        Occipital kick

Translated by Cristian Sandor